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New EPA Rule for Contractors

Graham-Naylor Agency May 2010

New EPA Rule

Are you an owner of a contracting company engaged in one or more of these activities?

– renovation
– painting
– drywall work
– window replacement
– plumbing
– electrical work
– fire suppression system installation

Did you know, that new EPA regulations regarding disturbance of lead-based paint went into effect April 22, 2010? Did you know that failure to comply with the new regulations can result in your firm being charged fines of up to $32,500 per day?

If a building was constructed prior to 1978, there is a chance that it was painted with lead-based paint. If your activities disturb more than 6 square feet of an interior space, or 20 square feet of a building’s exterior, you are required to be in compliance.

Here are just a few of the items now required for compliance:

– distribution of approved notices to
– approved signage at the jobsite
– power tools with approved dust collection systems
– work area dust containment per regulation
– interior cleaning and verification per regulation
– retention of records per regulation

The new rules are directed first at residential structures, but also include any other building where children are likely to be present: schools, day-care facilities, common areas of apartment complexes or condominiums, office buildings with day care centers, child wards in hospitals, etc.

Your firm may become compliant with a one-day course, and an application to the EPA, and a $300 license fee. But note these two things:

1. It is not enough to have certified person employed, the certified person must be on the jobsite. So more than one employee will likely need certification.
2. Your subcontractors must also be certified.

Follow the link below to the EPA website for more details,together with a link to an approved training facility.

Certified Lead Based Painting Training Locations